Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring has Sprung at Miycreations.....

Spring 2009 at MIY

Spring is an exciting time of the year...the snow is finally melting, the birds are singing, people are out and smiling truly is a renewal time of the year. Winter has been long enough; It’s now time to rejoice.

Its also time for Spring Cleaning , to renew your home, wardrobe and spirits. Clean those cobweb corners, let in fresh air, get organized, add colour and style… all to set a spirited welcoming tone to welcome the new season. Spring decorating does not have to be difficult or expensive, it can be achieved simply and with a smile.
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Quick tips for Spring cleaning
1- Put on upbeat music that makes you happy, move and groove....
2- Get the kids to help, even if you have to do the job over again after, its teaching them to help and basic cleaning skills, make it fun or into a game...after all its their home too
3-Open the windows to let in some fresh air, out with the old energy in with the new
4-Set simple goals, do one room at a time, but do it all, the from walls to floor.Once a room is spring fresh clean from top to bottom, it will motivate you to do every room in the same manner. It's a most invigorating feeling!
5- Don't forget to clean those junk drawers, where everything seams to accumulate, for is called a junk drawer, because all the daily junk ends up there
6-Use green products as much as you can, recycle what you can, throw out broken things that don't work, donate good items that you simply don't need, or have not used in years... make a fresh start, pretend your moving, its a great way to get ride of a lot of stuff, that is just that stuff...minimalize, it's good for the soul!
7-Revamp and reuse what you can, save your money, it’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do!
8- Don’t forget to take water breaks to re-energize yourself, preferably outside to breathe in some fresh spring air.
9-Throw out any dead plants, replace them with fresh ones...its good feng shui
10- Most it with a smile, the work will get done faster and you will be filling your home with new fresh positive energy to start the new season!

There's always a plus side to spring always amazes me the things one finds during spring cleaning, especially the recovery of lost items, I especially like to find money in the couch and in pockets of spring cloths... it pays to spring clean after all!!!!

Happy Spring Cleaning :)

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