Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chalkboard Art Decor Project by miycreations

Chalkboard Art Project

Chalkboard Art Decor Project : Chalk it up!!!!
Give the family a creative outlet. New artwork can be created daily.
Family and guests will want to fill the board with their creativity.
Having an chalkboard art canvas in a central part of your home such as
your kitchen or hallways makes it very convenient and accessible to the
whole family. It's Perfect to write down notes, grocery lists, and those
Spring to-do chore lists!!!!!

Chalk paints are easy-to-apply; they create a tough, slate-like chalkboard surface on wood, metal, plaster, plastic, or glass. So why not use it art canvases? They are fast drying, low gloss, durable, and washable. It goes on easy and levels out by itself for a smooth finish without runs. Chalkboard paint is so versatile, especially in the new delicious colours by Pebeo. It can be used on practically any surface from walls to floors. Flat surfaces such as tabletops are ideal surfaces for children’s artwork, keeping notes or playing a game. I just love this new format, because it non-toxic, water based and is applied with a paintbrush! Super easy, dries fast too! To view the full MIY Chalkboard Art project visit miycreations
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candlemamma said...

These are beautiful! Great idea for the smaller children. Would really keep them busy too.

MaddyLane Designs said...

Thank you candlemamma for you kind visit, glad you enejoyed it! They would love it for sure ;)

Junie Moon said...

What a clever project and very useful, too. Love it!

MaddyLane Designs said...

Hi Junie,thank you so much for your visit, its wonderful to see you again, How are you! hope you are keeping well,Just the other day I was thinking about you wondering how you where...and voila!!!
Cheers hugs ;)