Saturday, July 19, 2008

MIY Recycled Jar Garden Luminettes...

This was one of the first MIY project articles that was published in the Gazette over six years ago. As a designer I was always transforming regular household items into new creative uses. Why, because it broke my heart to simply through out perfectly good items that could be re-utilized into new artistic ways. This project is what started my MIY columns and today recycling and green crafts are now a big trend! This has always been part of my creative philosophy and lifestyle since I was a young girl. This is what we did in our home growing up, especially in the summer at the cottage where we did not watch tv, we did crafts all summer long! And now I do the same with my kids and friends....and I still don't watch TV (only on occasion in the winter)

Looking for a fun way to recycle baby food jars and various jars into creative ways? Let the summer nights glow with easy to make glass jar luminettes using frosted glass paint. See how to make this super fun and easy green craft, visit

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