Monday, October 20, 2008

Recycle Décor - Transform leftover vinyl flooring into Creative Halloween Mats

Recycle Décor - Transform leftover vinyl or linoleum flooring into creative Halloween Mats

Autumn is always a great source of inspiration. Why not get a step-on-it and
create a colorful and inviting pumpkin mat which is sure to add warmth to your
entrance while welcoming your quests this fall.

Mixing mediums is the key to achieving this rustic look by combining bright
acrylic paint colors and using oil pastels smudged over the dried design for
innovative detailing on simple vinyl flooring.Its a great way to recycle and reuse leftovers from a recent reno project. If you can carve a face on a
pumpkin you can paint a pumpkin mat!

Theres something so creatively rewarding about creating something with things that you already have, and recycling them into new creations...

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