Monday, October 27, 2008

MIY Ghostly Gourds...are a Real Scream for Halloween!

MIY Ghostly Gourds...are a Real Scream for Halloween!

Welcome Halloween trick-or-treaters with something a little different this year.
Ghoulish gourds ghosts are a real scream and a perfect addition to add to your
haunted house décor or festivities.
This is an excellent project to do with older kids !

For a Halloween party, cluster a few gourd ghosts of different sizes together on
your table for a sensational centerpiece or grace them along a mantel with a few
scattered leaves! The ghostly creatures also make excellent outdoor porch and
patio decor. You can even opt to hang them up with sting. Have gourds of fun
with this project!!!

Have a Happy, Fun and safe Halloween!

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