Monday, November 9, 2009

Remembrance Day Tribute ~ Hudson Parade!

A Day of Remembrance
..... The Remembrance Day Parade which took place yesterday in Hudson, Quebec Canada, was indeed a day to remember by all. Their Spirits live on!

This is a most touching capture, because as I write this I am most chocked up.
In this photo Hayden Paterson (my son) is showing Kaiden Parkinson and me the poppy the cubs made for him while he was away due to his father's passing away just a few weeks ago, after a long battle with cancer. I was most touched by the cubs own tribute and proud at the same time that people have big hearts and such compassion, proud of the boys. Bob Parkinson was a dear Soul, a wonderful Husband to Lianna, a father of five, in a few words, a great man, also a well respected council member of the Hudson Community. He made his mark in many of us. His Spirit will live on. As such as all those who where here before us, and for us.

Let us remember so we don't forget. Remember the men and women who fought for our country, for they are our heroes! We have all that we have because of theme we are blessed and fortunate to live in such a wonderful beautiful and free country because of theme...Thank you!...and peace to all! The cubs made this beautiful wreath with by cutting poppy flower shapes in craft foam. I thought it was most creative. Wonderful creation and tribute by the Cavagnal Cubs pack. Great job boys ;)
View the video clip Tribute to ~ We are the World

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