Thursday, April 16, 2009

Making Gourd-geous birdhouses...

Would you like to enjoy the enchantment of birds in your backyard?
Then why not make them a gourd-geous birdhouse?
Working with hard-shell gourds is an ancient art that is becoming
increasingly popular as a contemporary art form. Since gourds come in many
different shapes and sizes, they can be used to make numerous decorative
artifacts. Unlike the small, thin-skinned decorative gourds, hard-shell ones -
once dried - harden and last forever. This is a perfect project to do with the
kids. Half the fun is the trip to the country market to find that perfect gourd.
To view the full project instructions and pictures visit... miycreations

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Junie Moon said...

Painting gourds is really such a lovely activity. I tried it some years ago and had a fantastic time. I stained mine and painted petroglyph-type pictures on it to make a southwestern theme. Then I tied different thicknesses of coordinated yarn strands to the stem. It was very enjoyable and I loved the end product. Thanks for sharing this fun idea.

MaddyLane Designs said...

Hi June, always a true pleasure to see you, thank you for your visit and delighful comments, most appreciated!
Yes I agree staining the gourds is a very lovely finish as well. I hope you will post it, would like to see your Southwestern creation, bet its fantastic, such as all your marvelous creations.
Have wonderful day

Anonymous said...

I adore gourd birdhouses. These are fantastic.