Wednesday, May 21, 2008

MIY Spring Fashion Crafting by MaddyLane Designs

“Custom Spring Fashion Creations....Spring Fashion Revivals”:
This spring...don't just take out last years styles and hang them up...give them a little style and colors revival first”
I have just as much fun embellishing my clothes as I do with home decorative
accessories.... because I like them to be original. How to customize and reinvent your spring and summer wardrobe with style. As with home decorative accents, my rule of thumb is the same; you don’t have to spend a fortune to create the latest fashion trends to look and feel good. Make the most of your wardrobe by simply adding some substance, color and texture dimension. I utilized a combination of new and renewed items that I already had and liked, to all co-ordinate together. The results were so spectacular that I wanted to share with you how really simple it is to
transform plain fashion items into one of a kind original creations. Create fun Fashion make-overs with only a few basic supplies!! Have fun with your spring cloths!

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