Friday, March 7, 2008

Miy Purple Pillow Panache...

Customized with color punch. Decorative throws pillows are the “in” décor accessories this spring...even if it's a little late in coming this can get a head start on your spring decor..just for the fun of it :).

A plain white or tone-on-tone damask pillow cover can be transformed and color customized to suit your style and decor. Once I painted the walls, I realized that
this plain pillow cover needed color punch to suit the new décor. I painted it
with shimmering purple hue squares and decorated it by added silver rings
with metallic thread to give it an urban renewal look with a modern edge.

To view the full Miycreation make-it-yourself project and instructions by MaddyLane Designs...visit

I also custom designed the decorations and wall art in the same colors tones to suit this specific space.

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